Today is, Friday 22nd March 2019

Cattle Market

Leek Cattle Market is run by a separate company Leek Auctions Ltd which is jointly owned by the Leek auctioneering and surveying firm of Graham Watkins & Co and Bagshaws LLP the Staffordshire / Derbyshire auctioneering and rural practise partnership.

The Cattle Market provides the following services:-

  • Each Tuesday sale of all classes, Dairy Cattle, Rearing Calves, Barren Cows and Butchers Cattle and sheep.
  • Autumn/ Early Winter sales of store sheep with up to 9,000 head on offer.
  • Special Periodic Saturday sales of Breeding and Store Cattle.
  • Fortnightly Saturday sales of poultry, small stock and sundries.
  • The Market is situated just on the outskirts of the town of Leek, off Junction Road ST13 5PY. 
  • Only Cattle Market in Staffordshire.
  • Good attendance of farmers and buyers for both Store and finished Stock.
  • Free marketing advice on the sale of all classes of stock.
  • Graham Watkins 07976 370894   Robert Watkins 07929 946652

Selling Times each Tuesday

Rearing Calves 10.00 am. 
Tested Barren Cows 10.00 am. 
followed by Clean Cattle and Untested Barren Cows 
All Classes of Sheep 11.00 am 
Dairy Cows 11.00 am